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Gourmet Flavors:


**.50 cents more per slice

Over 60 Gourmet Cake Flavor Combinations to choose from. 


Almond Joy ~ Rich chocolate-almond cake filled with chocolate ganache & coconut filling. 

Amaretto Divine ~ Amaretto cake filled with chocolate fudge & Amaretto crème filling. 

Andes Dream ~ Chocolate cake baked with Andes mints, filled with chocolate fudge & mint filling. 

Apricot Almond ~ White almond sour cream cake with Amaretto cheesecake & apricot puree. 

Banana Caramel Cheesecake ~ Banana cake with cheesecake & fresh caramel filling. 

Bananarama ~ Banana cake filled with caramel, banana crème and chocolate ganache. 

Banana Split ~ Layers of banana, cherry, & chocolate cakes filled with chocolate fudge & banana crème. 

Black Forest ~ Chocolate-cherry cake filled with chocolate truffle & cherry filling. 

Blueberry Sour Cream ~ Sour cream cake with cheesecake & blueberry fruit filling. 

Boston Cream Pie ~ Butter cake filled with vanilla crème & chocolate ganache. 

Butterscotch Rum ~ Rich butterscotch rum cake with a cheesecake filling. 

Cappuccino ~ Milk chocolate-cappuccino cake filled with cappuccino truffle & thick cream. 

Caramel Apple ~ Butter cake filled with sliced apple fruit filling & fresh caramel. 

Chai Latte ~ Fragrant chai spiced cake filled with cheesecake. 

Cherry Vanilla ~ Layers of cherry cake and vanilla cake with cherry chocolate-chip ricotta filling. 

Chocolate Banana Cheesecake ~ Layers of chocolate and banana cakes with banana & chocolate cheesecake. 

Chocolate Covered Cherry ~ Cherry chocolate-chip cake with a chocolate cherry truffle filling. 

Chocolate Dipped Strawberry ~ Layers of strawberry and chocolate cakes with a fudge filling. 

Chocolate Guinness ~ Rich chocolate cake with just a hint of Guinness Stout makes this cake a dark chocolate color, filled with fudgy chocolate ganache. 

Cinnamon Roll ~ Cinnamon swirl butter cake filled with sweet cream cheese. 

Citrus twist ~ Swirls of orange and lemon cake filled with orange cheesecake & lemon curd. 

Coconut Cloud ~ Coconut cake filled with coconut crème. 

Cookies & Cream ~ Rich dark chocolate cake with an Oreo cookie filling. 

Crème Brûlée ~ Caramel cake filled with fresh caramel & white chocolate ganache. 

Decadent Chocolate ~ A divinely decadent chocolate cake filled with chocolate fudge & chocolate-chip mousse. 

Espresso Chip ~ Mocha-chip cake with espresso truffle filling. 

Funky Monkey ~ Layers of banana & peanut butter cakes filled with layers of chocolate fudge, banana cheesecake, & peanut butter mousse. 

GoodiesnCream ~ Moist butter cake with a creamy filling loaded with Butterfinger and Heath toffee bits. 

Goodnight Kiss ~ Anise flavored champagne cake with white chocolate truffle filling. 

Guava Lava ~ Pretty pink guava cake filled with guava fruit filling and cheesecake. 

Hawaii Five-O ~ Pineapple cake filled with banana crème, mango curd, & coconut cream. 

Hot Cocoa ~ Hot cocoa cake filled with marshmallow crème. 

Irish Cream ~ Baileys Irish Cream cake with a Baileys chocolate truffle filling. 

Kahlua ~ Rich dark chocolate-Kahlua cake with Kahlua crème filling. 

Key Lime ~ Key Lime cake filled with key lime curd and cheesecake. 

Lemon Drop ~ Lemon cake filled with lemon curd & white-chocolate ganache. 

Lemon Kiss ~ Swirls of almond and lemon cakes filled with raspberry puree & lemon cheesecake. 

Margarita ~ Rich margarita cake filled with lime cheesecake. 

Mocha Toffee Crunch ~ Chocolate mocha cake filled with mocha fudge & toffee bits. 

Neopolitan ~ A layer each of chocolate, strawberry and vanilla cakes filled with chocolate and strawberry cheesecake. 

Orange Dreamsicle ~ Moist orange cake filled with vanilla mousse. 

Orange Valencia ~ Orange chocolate-chip cake filled with rich chocolate fudge. *My personal favorite* 

Peaches n Cream ~ Moist white cake infused with peach, filled with white-chocolate truffle & peach fruit filling. 

Peanut Butter Fudgey ~ Peanut butter chocolate-chip cake filled with chocolate fudge and Reeses filling. 

PBJ ~ PB cake, peanut butter mousse & raspberry fruit filling. 

Pineapple Guava ~ Pineapple cake with guava fruit filling. 

Pink Champagne ~ Pink champagne cake with cheesecake filling. 

Piña Colada ~ Coconut pineapple cake with coconut crème filling and pineapple fruit filling. 

Popsicle ~ Pineapple and cherry cakes swirled together with pineapple & cherry truffle filling. 

Pumkin Chocolate Chip ~ A yummy pumkin cake loaded with chocolate chips, complimented by a pumpkin custard. 

Raspberry Truffle ~ Dark chocolate-raspberry cake filled with chocolate fudge & raspberry puree. 

Root beer Float ~ Root beer cake swirled with vanilla and filled with thick cream. 

Smores ~ Graham cracker cake filled with marshmallow crème & chocolate ganache. 

Strawberry Banana ~ Alternating layers of strawberry and banana cakes filled with banana and strawberry cheesecakes. 

Strawberry Fields ~ Moist strawberry cake filled with strawberry cheesecake & strawberry puree. 

Strawberry Lemonade ~ Strawberry & lemon cakes swirled together and filled with strawberry cheesecake & lemon curd. 

Sunrise ~ Swirls of cherry and orange cakes, filled with orange mousse & cherry mousse. 

Tiramisu ~ Espresso infused butter cake with mascarpone-Kahlua filling, over a spread of chocolate ganache. 

Tropic Breeze ~ Tropical cake (pineapple, banana, coconut) filled with Pineapple cheesecake. 

Turtle ~ Dark chocolate cake filled chocolate fudge, caramel, & toasted chopped pecans. 

Tuxedo ~ Layers of white & dark chocolate cakes filled with layers of white-chocolate truffle & rich fudge filling. 

White Almond Sour Cream ~ White almond sour cream cake filled with cheesecake & raspberry puree. Also great with chocolate-cheesecake filling

Basic Cake Flavors:

Butter Recipe Chocolate 
Butter Recipe Yellow 
Cherry Chip 
Chocolate Fudge 
Dark Chocolate 
French Vanilla 
Milk Chocolate 
Triple Chocolate Fudge 

Basic Cake Fillings:

raspberry (Jam or preserve)
strawberry (jam or danish) vienna
cream cheese (traditional or custard style)
vanilla or chocolate custard pineapple
Ganache (extra $0.25/serving)
Chopped candies (extra $0.25/serving).